The human experience is an emergent property: mind, body, and world interact to create a self that can’t be reduced to one element. At Emerge, we are interested in your whole self and believe that is the key to lasting change and growth.
We also believe in the importance of providing a safe space for people from all backgrounds and walks of life. We are a group of culturally competent therapists and we are your ally.

We believe that it is possible for anyone to gain greater self-knowledge and understanding, and that, often, our own minds can lead the way. Our therapists listen closely and will seek to help you recognize the meaning behind patterns of relationships and experience that cause pain and interfere with growth. Through this greater self-knowledge comes the ability to live more fulfilling and satisfying lives. LEARN MORE


At Emerge we offer small group and individual yoga classes in a trauma sensitive environment. All classes are taught by licensed therapists and yoga teachers trained in trauma sensitive yoga. We believe that healing is possible, and often the body can lead the way to what is sometimes impossible for words to express. Our yoga classes and yoga groups can offer a transition from a more intensive treatment program and be a compliment to individual outpatient therapy.  LEARN MORE