Fees will vary depending on your treatment and your therapist, but should be made clear prior to making an appointment. Most clinicians at Emerge charge $175 for 45 minute sessions and $225 for 55+ minutes. We will submit for out-of-network benefits on your behalf or provide you with a statement you can submit to your insurance company, though some collaborating therapists in our offices may be in-network for you. Most Emerge therapists are in-network with PreferredOne, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, UCare, Health Partners, Medica/UBH/Optum. If this is important to you, please inquire about this when you make your appointment.

What is Out of Network?
Almost all insurance plans offer their customers the option to select their own providers, even if they are not credentialed with the insurance company. Typically, this includes meeting an Out of Network deductible, at which point the insurance company will reimburse you a certain percentage (called co-insurance) that is allowed by your plan. Unless otherwise arranged with your therapist, you are responsible to pay your fee weekly or monthly, and then your insurance company reimburses you directly.

Some clients choose to adjust their insurance plan during open enrollment to select the most advantageous Out of Network terms.

What is In Network?
Therapists who are In Network will typically collect a co-pay amount from you, either weekly or monthly, and then bill your insurance on your behalf. Consult your individual plan to determine deductibles and co-pay amounts.
Using Insurance
Any time you opt to use your insurance, for either In or Out of Network, we must submit a diagnostic code that describes your needs and reasons for therapy. Sometimes insurance companies request further information about treatment goals and progress, and sometimes they decide to limit the amount of treatment they will cover. If you choose to go through your insurance, be aware that it results in the disclosure of your personal information.
What service do you need?
You may have a sense of what you are looking for, though sometimes it can be difficult to know before getting started. Any therapist you meet with will help you explore your reasons for coming and think about what what may fit best. It may even take some time to figure that out, and certainly it can evolve.
How do we work as a team?
Within Emerge, we have therapists who provide child, adolescent, couples, and family therapy, as well as ongoing and time-limited therapeutic yoga/body groups. It may be helpful for you to have all of your providers collaborate on how to best understand what you need. However, we would only share information with each other with your express written consent, which you can revoke at any time.
How is Yoga at Emerge different?
Yoga is an ancient discipline that has been around for tens of thousands of years. In our modern age, the word yoga means many different things from a class with weights at the gym, to a more spiritual experience at an ashram. Yoga at Emerge is neither of those. It is based on current neurobiological and psychological research and every class is trauma sensitive and taught by a licensed mental health provider. Class sizes are small, the instructors are well-trained, and the environment (space, pace of class, poses/movements, and what is talked about) is all carefully and deliberately tailored to provide support, containment, and safety.
What are trauma informed yoga groups?

We have groups for people who have struggled with various types of trauma, from developmental trauma to physical/sexual assault/abuse. Our groups address the impact of dealing with trauma from a multilayered approach including psychology, yoga, and mindfulness in order to treat the whole person. The environment and structure of the group is designed to increase feelings of safety and build trust, facilitating an opportunity to work through difficult emotions or sensations. Many people continue ‘talk’ psychotherapy while attending yoga groups, and we work collaboratively as a team to ensure the best possible treatment.

Yoga groups focus on incorporation of movement and development of body awareness. Often trauma leaves people disconnected from their bodies, and at times thus disconnected from themselves. Research has found that intentional movement, specifically yoga can help reconnect people with sensation and their bodies, and ultimately themselves.

Our groups for specific diagnoses, e.g. anxiety, depression, or body image concerns, are part movement or art and part psychotherapy process group. We have found, and research supports that in order to process complex feelings and memories, the body needs to be relaxed enough, and the fight flight response turned off. We call this being within the window of tolerance. If this is not achieved the mind/body are in hyperarousal or hypoarousal and the mind cannot process thought. For more on this click here.

Why refer to Emerge for yoga therapy?
The tailored classes/groups, the combined approach of psychology and yoga/movement, the caliber of the instructors, and the collaboration among clinicians is one reason to refer to Emerge. But the current research on how yoga can support and sometimes expedite treatment of anxiety, depression, PTSD is another. Lastly, Emerge is the first and only outpatient program like this in Minneapolis.
Who can refer to a yoga therapy class?
Other therapists, clinics, psychiatrists, physicians, nurse practitioners, physical therapists, occupational therapists (other medical/mental health professionals). If you are a patient not seeing any of those providers, but interested in a group please reach out to us for more information. Admission to groups are evaluated on an individual basis and based on goodness of fit (and availability) within each group.