Nadia Hecker-O’Brien MSW, LGSW


As people we’re always trying our best to engage and survive whatever confronts us. From an early age we learn ways of being from the people in our lives and from our circumstances. My approach to therapy is to honor where you’ve been, while helping you move toward growth that starts with your present conditions and perspectives. We often feel like silencing what troubles us is less painful– I join with clients to access this part of ourselves gently and with great care. I utilize a psychodynamic and psychoanalytic therapy style that encourages exploring that which we often avoid, to treat root causes of distressing symptoms. Whether you feel you’re in crisis or just curious about your own humanity, I want to join you in your exploration. I believe we are on your path to healing together and that this process is a little easier with someone by our side.
I’m committed to a relational, collaborative, trauma-informed, and anti-oppressive approach that centers you as the expert in your own life. I see the therapeutic relationship as a place to practice new dynamics and change past patterns of behavior that no longer serve us. I bring a sense of humor and playfulness into sessions and believe trust is built through a dynamic relationship. I bring with me my experiences doing community work and believe community connection is deeply healing. Essential to my philosophy is that individuals are impacted by larger, systemic forces. I’m experienced in working with queer and trans clients and in exploring emotional difficulties related to other aspects of social identity, anxieties around climate change, disordered eating, work stress, family and relationship conflict, and life transitions. I received my MSW at the University of Minnesota and continue my training through the Minnesota Psychoanalytic Society and Institute (MPSI). I’m dedicated to my continued learning and growth as a practitioner and person– I welcome you to join me.
Nadia Hecker-O’Brien | Email [email protected] | Call 612-825-4792