Lydia Goblirsch, M.A.


We all learn through early relationships and experiences how to communicate with others, ourselves, and how to cope and engage with our reality—whatever that may look like. Sometimes over the course of our lives, what we’ve learned no longer serves us, our needs, or our desires. I believe that therapy serves as a space to become aware of who we’ve been and who we want to be, while engaging in new and healthy dynamics.

I provide therapy to adults and adolescents with a wide variety of concerns related to mental health and relationships. I work primarily with those struggling with life transitions, relational stressors, trauma, anxiety, and depression. Therapy is an ever-evolving process, and my goal is to get to the root cause of symptoms while finding new and healthy ways to live with said experiences.

My approach to therapy is person-centered and emotion focused. You are an expert in your life, your experiences, and your feelings. I want to get to know you where you’re at, honor that, and provide a safe and warm space for further growth. Together we will strive to find another way of being you in the present. My practice is informed by psychodynamic and relational theories. This kind of therapy works well for those are wanting a deeper understanding of themselves and their emotional experience. Through our therapeutic relationship, you’ll get to experience what connection feels like when you are encouraged and have the space to be your whole self.

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