Hannah Thomas, MA, LMFT


I enjoy working with kids, teens, adults, and families that are looking for individual therapy, family therapy, parent-child therapy, or play therapy. I have experience supporting clients through a wide range of challenges including, trauma, anxiety, depression, ADHD, OCD, identity development, adoption/out of home placement, parent-child attachment challenges, school difficulties, emotional dysregulation, aggression, parental separation, and grief/loss.

I believe all symptoms, behaviors, and emotions are forms of communication. Sometimes those messages are hard to make sense of and a new perspective can help provide clarity. I view my role as therapist as a photographer of sorts; to share perspective from a different vantage point.  I use my camera lens to zoom in on each client’s personal strengths, challenges, beliefs, experiences, and emotions. I also zoom out to examine the systems clients operate within like family, school, work, community, culture, religion, etc. I support my clients in developing insight to their unique intersection of  individual needs, relational needs, and systemic needs.

My primary focus is to build an authentic and genuine therapeutic relationship with each client, where they feel safe to be vulnerable, to be challenged, and to grow.  My approach is non judgmental, collaborative, and client-centered. Social justice is fundamental to my practice. I emphasize gender affirming and culturally informed frameworks. I value frequent consultation with colleagues to explore personal blind spots, biases, and to gain alternative perspectives to best serve my clients.

Hannah Thomas | Email [email protected] | Call 612-825-4792