Lisa Michel, MA


Living out of alignment with who we really are can leave us feeling lost, stuck, and alone. Many of us learned to play certain roles to find care and acceptance as children, but what kept us safe then ends up no longer serving us – and ultimately fuels our suffering.

Therapy can help us discover and release old (often unconscious) fears and beliefs standing in the way of knowing and pursuing what we truly want in life. I support clients in getting to know themselves deeply so that they can face challenges and move through life with greater authenticity, ease, and joy.

Whether you’re dealing with anxiety, depression, relationship issues, or past trauma, you deserve a safe, affirming space to heal and grow. I’ll approach our work with curiosity, compassion, and respect, as we dig deep together to uncover what’s driving your pain and overwhelm and find your path forward.

Using a blend of psychodynamic and somatic techniques, I focus on holistic wellness to help you heal from the inside out. I’m passionate about helping you reconnect with your body and emotions to find a sense of balance, peace, and a deeper sense of self. I take an active role in sessions, offering warmth, compassion, and a bit of humor, while also challenging you to make changes that matter to you.

In addition to my master’s degree in Counseling Psychology, I also have a master’s degree in Communication. I believe healthy, honest communication is the cornerstone of both personal and relational well-being. In therapy, I’ll help you develop the skills needed to connect more deeply with yourself and others and live a life that feels authentically yours.
I welcome adults, teens, and couples of all intersecting identities and backgrounds.

Lisa Michel | Email [email protected] | Call 612-825-4792