Corbin Quinn, MA, MSW, PhD, LGSW

I provide therapy to adults experiencing difficulties, conflicts, or dissatisfaction in their life. Together, we’ll identify what’s causing these problems by talking about your present, past, dreams, fears, strengths, creativity, and hopes. We’ll work to build a trusting alliance, look for patterns in your history, and try to make meaning out of them. My job is to listen attentively and without judgment; yours is to speak as freely as possible. The goal is to help you feel better.

Some areas where I might be helpful to you include: anxieties; addictions; unprocessed traumas; relationship difficulties; gender and sexuality issues; and life transitions. We’ll try to understand what you are struggling with and the emotions you’re experiencing in order to help you arrive at a deeper and more contained experience of yourself. We’ll create space to talk about hard topics and feelings, including your feelings about therapy. You’ll direct the course we take and I’ll travel with you, helping you to make sense out of what we find along the way.

Prior to joining Emerge, I was a clinical fellow at the Minnesota Psychoanalytic Society and Institute (MPSI), where I worked in a low-fee therapy clinic. I’m currently in my second year of training in the psychodynamic psychotherapy program at MPSI. Previously, I interned in a community mental health center, where I worked with adults living with severe, persistent mental illness, and spent two years working in the addictions and recovery field. Before transitioning to a career in mental health, I taught languages, literature, and film for fifteen years. I earned my undergraduate degree from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and MA, MSW, and PhD degrees from the University of Minnesota. Sessions offered in English and French.


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