Self-acceptance is the foundation of my approach. Working together, we will explore what has been holding you back or where you feel stuck and identify ways to move forward. I take an active, collaborative approach to counseling and believe that therapy should be tailored to affirm each client’s unique identity. With me, there is no one-size-fits-all for every client or scenario. I want to help you find strength in your resources, achieve balance with the challenges you face, and excel in your own life and community. My practice is currently focused on individuals working through trauma, questions of identity and self-acceptance, and couples looking to improve their communication.
I recently completed a Master of Education in Mental Health Counseling at the City University of New York’s Hunter College. Prior to beginning graduate school, I took specialized courses at Hunter to further develop my knowledge in the psychology of sexuality, gender, and health. While in school, I provided group therapy and vocational counseling for participants at the Brooklyn Behavioral Health Treatment Collaborative. Following this, I was trained at a private practice in Manhattan where I worked with an array of clients and concerns, ranging from depression to anger, identity development to complex trauma.

Additionally, I am a Certified Holistic Health Coach through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. In my coaching, I taught clients the importance of implementing therapeutic lifestyle changes as parts of a well-rounded approach to healing and health maintenance. Many of the things I learned through my years in health coaching carry forward to my therapy practice today by giving attention to all components of an individual’s life – emotional, spiritual, intellectual, physical, environmental, financial, occupational, and social – while also considering the multicultural elements within each client. I continue to use a holistic method to help clients care for their mental and physical health simultaneously.

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